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9/2013 CC Statement - 2013, March 5th

Viva Commander Hugo Chavez Frias!


Hugo Chavez has given a great impetus to the cause of the emancipation of the oppressed classes and peoples from the chains of the world imperialist system!


His life and his work continue in the second wave of proletarian revolution that advances all over the world!


Hugo Chavez Frias will go down in history and will have a growing place in the hearts and memories of all the peoples of the world. Over the years it will appear more and more clearly that the work he did in the years he led Venezuela has had historical importance for all peoples of the world.


Hugo Chavez projected a great light of hope from Venezuela all over the world, at a moment particularly difficult for humanity. The Republic of China had given up his role as a red base of the world proletarian revolution, the Soviet Union had collapsed after years of decline, the first wave of proletarian revolution had run out, the progressive movements were in trouble all over the world. The Europeans, Americans and Zionists imperialist groups had begun again to domineer and cast their dark criminal shadows on the entire world. In the imperialist countries resignation and despair were conjoining escape from reality and use of drugs so embittering the lives of millions and millions of exploited and oppressed people. The cause of the exploited classes and oppressed peoples of the whole world seemed hopeless. The denigration of socialism and communism was raging. Francis Fukuyama was proclaiming the end of the class struggle with the victory of U.S. imperialism. Toni Negri was advising to escape from the sad present digging happy niches.

In this dark period of human history, Hugo Chavez lit a light of hope that has spread from Venezuela on Latin America and all over the world. He raised high the flag of self-belief that classes and oppressed peoples around the world must have, the belief that future belongs to them, that they can and should change the world and make history. He made blow a wind of strength, courage, solidarity and struggle into the world. He combined his love for his country, Venezuela, his passion and his tireless work to improve the minute conditions of the life of the popular masses of his country, with the generous cooperation with no bounds with peoples, countries and movements who were resisting imperialism in some other places in the world. In a difficult time, he led the masses in his country to use the resources that until then the rich had dissipated for their luxuries and waste or had used to strengthen their power, to improve their conditions and to support Cuba's Fidel Castro and the progressive movements of a large number of countries. He widely deserved the love and devotion of the oppressed and exploited people and the indomitable hatred of their exploiters and oppressors. This is why he has assumed a central role in the fight where the future of humanity is decided.


 As he implemented this work, the Italian Communists pay tribute to Commander Hugo Chavez Frias and his comrades.


The tribute we pay to the liberating and internationalist work of Commander Chavez consists in a firm commitment. We will continue until the victory of the socialist revolution in Italy, we shall establish socialism in an imperialist country and this will help to open the road of socialism also for the masses of the other imperialist countries of Europe and America and for the struggle for liberation of all the peoples of the world.


That’s why today 5th March we associate the tribute to the great communist leader Joseph Stalin, in the sixtieth anniversary of his death to the tribute to Commander Chavez.


The bourgeoisie and the clergy have poured and are pouring an avalanche of insults and slander on Joseph Stalin to denigrate the whole communist movement and its work, because Stalin led the Soviet Union and the peoples of the world to defeat of fascism and nazism, to fight for their liberation and progress, to break the chains of colonialism, to make great achievements of civilization and prosperity in the imperialist countries themselves that the bourgeoisie and the clergy hastened to dismantle as soon as the communist movement (for its own limits we have by now abundantly cleared, and that therefore we can overcome) has lost momentum and relations of strength were reversed in their favour.


Today, the crisis of capitalism has thrown again the masses of the entire world in a catastrophe of misery, degradation and war that will continue to worsen as long as the organized masses will not put an end to it.

Our country is in the heart of this catastrophe. But our fight progresses, the line of the rebirth of the communist movement is traced, the organization of the working class and of the popular masses grows all over the country. The heads of the Papal Republic are already in disarray. The junta Monti-Napolitano [Monti is the former Prime Minister, Napolitano is the President of the Republic, Note of Translator] came out resoundingly defeated in the early elections done with summary procedure it organized for gaining more strength in the nefarious work force of oppression, misery and death it carries out against the popular masses in the service of the financial institutions of the International Community of the Europeans, Americans and Zionists imperialist groups. In the Vatican there are converging from all over the world the dignitaries of the Catholic Church in a carnival masquerade and in a Middle Ages performance: they need to find a new chief of the Papal Court, one of the pillars of the world imperialist system, because Pope Ratzinger resigned.

Francis Fukuyama’s grim proclamations and Toni Negri’s defeatist exhortations came out of the scene. The facts clear up that the bourgeoisie and the clergy have no future, and that the future can and should be built by the masses. In this context, the teaching of the great founders and of the glorious leaders of the communist movement and the courageous and internationalist work of Commander Chavez shine with new light.


Honour and glory to the Commander Chavez!

We continue with strength and passion the work to which he devoted his life!

The memory of his work will last through the centuries


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